Maitreya Suin


Postdoctoral Researcher (Computer Vision)



I am a postdoctoral researcher in the AIEM Lab, Johns Hopkins University. I am advised by Prof. Rama Chellappa specializing on topics related to Computer Vision. Previously, I completed my MS and PhD at Image Processing and Computer Vision Lab, IIT Madras under the supervision of Prof. A. N. Rajagopalan. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. My research expertise lies in the domains of computer vision and machine learning, with a specific focus on diffusion models, image and video restoration, image and face recognition/detection. My current work involves leveraging diffusion models for tasks such as blind face restoration, emphasizing the recovery of underlying identity, personalized generation, and enhancing the perceptual quality of generative models. I have also worked toward building adaptive neural networks for handling spatially and temporally varying tasks, using efficient non-local attention and spatially varying filtering modules, for inpainting, and spatially-varying restoration of images/videos suffering from blur, low-resolution, rain, haze, etc.