Maitreya Suin


Postdoctoral Researcher (Computer Vision)



I am a postdoctoral researcher in the AIEM Lab, Johns Hopkins University. I am advised by Prof. Rama Chellappa specializing on topics related to Computer Vision. Previously, I completed my MS and PhD at Image Processing and Computer Vision Lab, IIT Madras under the supervision of Prof. A. N. Rajagopalan. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. My research lies at the intersection of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Deep Reinforcement Learning. I have worked toward building adaptive neural networks for handling spatially and temporally varying tasks. My recent works have focused on image and video enhancement using efficient non-local attention modules, image inpainting, and spatially-varying restoration of images suffering from blur, low-resolution, rain, haze, etc. I have also worked on a few vision-and-language problems, such as dense video captioning from a long video with multiple temporal events.